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Tuesday, January 25, 2005



Great cartoon and agree with the premise. However, I'd switch out the racists in the cartoon. Recommend using Boxer vice Pelosi. They are equally vile but since only senators are involved in the confirmation process believe Boxer is the appropriate moonbat for this cartoon.


Oh give it up, already. Stop wasting your time with this stupid nonsense and pay up your past child support dues you deadbeat lout. You're not even intelligent, let alone clever.

Huh? I thought Lori was a stay at home mom (according to her bio). WHO is not intelligent? Reading and comprehension does require SOME measure of intelligence. And perhaps cleverness is in the eye of the beholder.


I'm glad pelosi shows up but I figured it would be Boxer as well. O well, I suppose Boxer is with them, in spirit.

"Racism Fears in Northeast: Entire Mass. Delegation Votes Against First Black Female Sec. State"

I didn't draw the cartoons. I can't draw a straight line. They were done by Patriot Art (I credited them under the cartoons). I think it would be cool to include Boxer, too, but I LOVE the Pelosi drawing. The eyebrows are great.

I think Cherie's post is spam or something. No child support payments due from me -- I have two kids and I am with them practically every waking moment.

No Lorie, I believe the foolish comments by that genius "LargeBill" were directed toward me.
The reason Boxer did not make an appearance in the cartoon, is that I drew it before the hearings. I had heard Harry Reid's remarks about Clarence Thomas, and Schumer's follishness about Miguel Estrada. As for Pelosi, she's the current leader. Rpbert Byrd...
...well, enough said.
I knew Condi Rice's hearing was on the way, and anticipated those fools embarassing themselves, but at the time, Boxer hadn't crossed my mind.

Brett www.patriotart.com

Wow! You were really, really ahead of the times on that one.

You people are vile and utterly disgraceful. I hope your children see you for the ignorant, hateful, trailer trash that you are. Oh yeah and I dare you to spam me!!!

Wow. Congrats once again for proving that you are NO DIFFERENT than crazy left-wing lunatics. A cartoon of dems suiting up a la the KKK?!?! Why do you even criticize people like Al Franken and Michael Moore???? I agree they deserve criticism, but it's worthless after you post stupid cartoons like that. All you're doing is preaching to the choir. And a choir that enjoys cartoons like that is not one I would ever want to sing with.

Keep up this site! It speaks the truth and I like it. Rock on Lorie!!!

Look I think the KKK is a sad excuse for a gang. They are retarded...burning crosses in peoples yards...rasism is retarded....its just a difference in our skin and to have shit like shirts and shit w/ them on it...thats just incouraging people to be rasist. And no one needs any of that around!

I am fed up with hearing about the kkk. but i am glad that you are telling kids the facts....thats how it should be i just hope u r telling people to not be rasist

what my opinion for the kkk is that why do they keep doing horrible thing to inocet people they say that they read the bible so if they do why do they keep doing bad things the bible say that we are all brothers and sisters why do the kkk keep separating us

i think the kkk is bull of

I am very disapointed with the KKK. How do you live in such negativity of other races. Not all black women have a bunch of kids and live on welfare or eat fried chicken. That is just a sterotype that the media has displayed. What if other races said Whites were a bunch of red necks that impegnate their daughters and beats on their wifes. You say God loves diversity then he will hapilly accept mix races. Do you think the White race is pure? Well if you do then you are terribly mistaken. Please tell me which race or color Adam and Eve were. Or Jesus Christ with his wool hair. I think you all as an organization can never prosper with such hate in your heart. God says treat people the way you would want to be treated. You all are not perfect, no one is.Everyone is a sinner and sin sees no color or gender. You see if everyone peeled off their sin their would be the same organs, tissuesand heart. In the bible it says the one without sin cast the first stone.
The only person that can judge us is God because he is without sin. Not the White race.
You all need to read the Bible.

i hate the kkk!

kkk go away!

You dumb pathetic basterds get a life I'm just bord what the fuck are you people doing here? kkk all the way shit.. K's up homie

i hate the kkk, I mean, black people aren't bad at all. i have met so many black people who are nicer than white people. who cares what skin we've got? we are all the same. all the kkk just have to except that and if they don't, i hope they will always suffer.

u rule

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