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Monday, January 31, 2005



please pray for m job that i would have a good job also please pray regarding my decision abt marriage .because i was planning to marry a friend than bec of my fault i split up with her and now i don't know what to do bec there is interference from outsiders

Pray for my love annie, that all her resentments, anger and hatred against me will be
released completely and remove from her heart and mind, That she will have a complete
healing of her memories and emotions, and we could have a healing of our relationship,
and have a total reconcillation of our relationship. Pray that we could preserve our love and
committment to each other. And pray for the success of our marriage.

My name is Henry Earl Sumpter Jr from Greensboro, North Carolina. My father has been physically and mentally abusing myself, my brother (Adrian), and my mother (Susan). Financially it would be hard to leave. Please pray for a the physical/mental abuse to stop and a financial blessing. I thank you for all your positive thoughts and prayers.

lord please help my friends family and people I admire, thankyou for all that you have done and are yet going to do, please forgive me of all of my sins and please help me god, I pray you help my friend and her family and I also pray you help me god with my case, everyone is lieing on me saying that it was my fault, but god I dont think it wasnt,and at times I feel like ,I dont know what to do, I am scared in each and everyway, I`m scared that the fact that he hit me , he could have passed off something, I ask you to cleanse my whole body and make me whole, please lord bring back my ex, because I really miss him and I love him alot, I really feel that he is the one everytime, I prayed for that special person, he came, he called or something, god I really love him, I dont know if this was a test or what but I am tired of going through Iw ant a break and if I am about to do anything else that will make me suffer longer or more please stop me, I cant take this, I am fustrated angry and I feel that the whole world is aginst me, even my family I only have you to turn to, I give you my heart soul my life, everyting is in your hands I also pray I see renee and you take care of her because she is also sick,I dont want any more trouble anything,protection I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!

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