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Thursday, May 12, 2005


Oh my goodness. My two-year-daughter is always eating hard candy, but not anymore. There but for the grace of God... Thank you for the link. You might have helped to save my daughter from a similar fate. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The same goes for Kitty.

Thank you. Please help spread the word!

My heart breaks for this family. I too am guilty of allowing my children to suck on hard candy and often not restricting their activity. They go running out of the van happily sucking their candy all the time. What a wake up call.

Some other foods that I avoid(although not completely restrictive of) on the warning of my aunt who has spent a life-time as a pediatric nurse are popcorn and weiners (unless they have been sliced up and cut into at least halves).

Lastly, she told me of the time a 3yr old child had been found dead in his bed after a birthday party. At the party he had eaten a peanut and it became lodged in his throat. He went to bed that evening where it bloated up in his sleep cutting of his airway.

So many tragedies every day. I just pray that God would give me super-grace to accept the unthinkable if it were to be His will in my life.

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