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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


My daughter saw the movie and loved it, so she picked it out for us because she thought I'd laugh out loud at it. Well, I did a couple of times towards the beginning, but I'm too much a parent and once the magnitude of the bratiness of the kids and the cluelessness of the mom became apparent, it was hard and unpleasant to watch. My wife couldn't take it and went off to read a book.

I haven't seen it yet, but I LOVE Ice Cube! Can't help it.

Found it boring.

I liked it more than I was expecting to. It's most definitely in the category of movies you'd see if and only if you have children - if you think this movie was painful, you simply haven't seen very many 'kid-friendly' movies lately. Yes, the plot is thin and formulaic, the humor is simple and occasionally crude, and the ending is unabashedly sentimental.

In fact, this is an OLD MOVIE in new movie drag. Cast Doris Day as the mom, Rock Hudson as the boyfriend, clean up the language, and it would have been a hit in 1956. True, the obliviousness of the mom toward her kids' manipulations was a bit much - but harried single parents (especially those trying to maintain a career) will do that sometimes.

And, hey - Ice Cube on a horse! C'mon, that was great.

painfully boring, my nine year old watched it once, which for her is a stinko review. Please don't encourage anyone else to suffer as I did. And I left the room after 10 min at the most.

I have seen lots of kid's movies, btw. There are good ones and their are excruciating ones. This one was not up there with "The Cat in the Hat" or even, the gold standard of hideous children's movies "The Tigger Movie" the memory of the boredom of which is "seared, seared.." into my brain. There are plenty of good kids movies, Shrek (1), The Princess Bride, Josie and the Pussycats... I could go on and you can tell I have girls. The Mighty Ducks (1) was even pretty good. There is no reason to subject anyone to this drivel, unless perhaps your only alternative is Mary Kate and Ashley's "When in Rome".

I guess I just enjoy the occassional drivel. I don't usually like movies like this one, by the way. I found the Home Alone movies pretty hard to sit through. This one is a little like that, with less groin hits, but I liked this one better than Home Alone. I didn't like some aspects of this movie, but found enough to laugh at that I sat through it twice and enjoyed it both times. I loved the Satchel Page bobblehead. He was my favorite character in the whole movie. Now Shark Boy and Lava Girl -- that is torture.

i thought 'The Greatest Game Ever Played' was a chess game.

The trailer for The Greatest Game Ever Played is awesome. If the movie is even half as good as the preview, it will be great.

Another very enjoyable family movie was National Treasure. Even though it was an action/adventure story it was clean enough and the violence was tame enough for my four-year-old. It was kinda cool that it gave a little history lesson, too. Well, at least it included names of the founding fathers and the founding documents, and featured some historic locations.

So how come after reading you for so long on PoliPundit I had to find out from InstaPundit that you have your own site?

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