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Wednesday, November 24, 2004



You and your family are in our hearts and on our minds.

Be well, friend.

God be with all of you today. By my time, she just might be in recovery by now. I hope all went well.

Thanks so much. I have posted an update.

I didn't check in on the site until this afternoon, but I'm glad to know that the little one came through the surgery well. I'm also glad to know that her Mom came through intact. I know that can be rough. Dylan, my nearly 10 year old you met at the fair, has been down with stomach problems for a couple days. No fun, but nothing compared with needing surgery. We'll pray for you and yours.


I am sure that the surgery is over by now, but please be assured of my prayers for your daughter swift recovery and continued health.

Awesome news of successful surgery and safe travel for your family. Happy Thanks-Living!

Lorie, so glad to hear everything has gone well. We've been through the surgery route with our youngest and it's never easy.. Take care and have a blessed Thanksgiving Day--you and your entire family.

Glad to hear things turned out well, Lorie! Just another thing to be thankful for today!

Dear Lorie,

Sorry to have come in so late. My prayer is one of thanksgiving for the successful surgery for your daughter.

Hope you have a peaceful weekend.

Lorie... I am delighted to hear your little daughter has come through with flying colors...Both of you will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers as we go into 2005...May God bless both of you..jw

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