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Monday, May 16, 2005


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! What a gorgeous couple you were.

Wow...what a wonderful shot. Happy Anniversary...kind of sad to see our fleeing youth, isn't it? But the happy family is worth the grey hairs. God bless you on your special day. (Quite an impressive little figure you had there). Sigh. Me, too. Once upon a time! :-)

Happy Anniversary. I have to pass this along. When my two-year-old saw your wedding picture (she was sitting next to me watching "Dora" while I surfed my regular blogs), she pointed to you and said "Princess!" and then pointed to your husband and said "King!". Hope your day is "royally" wonderful.

Thanks all! I love the "Princess" comment. When my daughters see old pictures of me they often ask, "Is that Aunt Lisa?" since my sister is a size 5. She has gained weight too, though. She used to be a size 3. I think I was last a size 3 when I was 3.

Congratulations, Lorie! Hey, I was also married in 1992 (although in October). Great minds marry alike?

(P.S. - Who knew Lorie was so hot?)

And you're still a gorgeous couple :)

Thanks Eric, but "WAS" is definitely the only word that goes with "Lorie" and "hot" these days. Oh well, at least I haven't gotten to the point that the word "flashes" fits in there yet.

Lorie, that's one great picture of you and your husband. Happy anniversary to both of you. I was in the Army, but I know that the Marines are the best of the best. Since you picked a Marine to be your wingman in life, that makes you "HOT" forever.

Congratulations and a big thank you to your hubby for allowing you to write your very inciteful blogs.

Happy Anniversary, but I gotta ask--what's so funny? Looks like you were about to burst out laughing!

Semper Fi, hotstuff! Wow, Lorie, what a beautiful bride you were...but that's nothing compared to what a wonderful mother, loving wife, fantastic blogger, and all-around great person you've become in those 13 years.
I owe you an email...I've been really busy...more later!
Hope everyone at your home is well. Have a wonderful anniversary! xoxo Catherine

Well, I met your husband before I met you (by minutes) and I can say that he seemed anything but frustrated when he mentioned that you were a blogger. If anything, he seemed quite proud of you.

As well he should be.

Happy Anniversary.

Congratulations, Lorie!

All the best to you and your own personal "Mr. Right." May you enjoy many more wonderful years of health and happiness together!

God bless.

I think we were laughing because we were having our picture taken kissing. It tends to make you a little self conscious. Or maybe we were just giddy that the wedding was over and we could go eat. I don't recall that specific moment, but think it might have had something to do with whatever the photographer said.

Mommy that picture of you and daddy kissing was GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my first visit to a blog and what do I see but a lovely picture of you and your man. What a nice intro to Blogville! My husband and I will celebrate our 28th anniversary this summer and feel that in this day and time that is an an accomplishment. Congratulations on your anniversary!

First time to visit your weblog.
As der Governator sez "I'll be back!"
Congrats on the anniversary
Brad at Ft Hood

What a beautiful picture! I found you through The Anchoress and wondered if there might be a military history in your family. Now I know! My own Dad is a USMC vet of Iwo Jima, Korea, & Viet Nam. Let me tell you-some day your kids will be so proud of both of you they will all their lives have most of their character formed by your dedication, the sacrifices the military life asks and character that instills, and your love of country, they will be bursting to express it all their lives. My favorite picture of my parents (about to celebrate their 50th) is of them laughing, going under the arc of swords at their wedding. Priceless.

I know that the CNN thing has taken its toll on your emotional strength, but you are a very lucky woman and in my humble opinion your husband is a very lucky Marine.

Ed R-

Such a gorgeous photo Lorie. You were both catches! Congratulations!

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