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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Lorie: I read your posts about "24", "American Idol" and "Medium" and it's like reading something I would have written. I love those shows, although I haven't gotten into "The Amazing Race" yet. I'm rooting for Carrie and Bo too, and was totally shocked to see Constantine eliminated, although I never was a fan of his.

Another show that you might want to catch during the off season is "House" which is opposite of "The Amazing Race." It always has an unexpected twist, and the characters are very well developed. Lots of dry humor. Love it. My husband, who doesn't watch TV at all, won't miss an episode. Enjoy your posts!

Thanks. I will have to check out House after TAR wraps up. I watched one episode and did enjoy it. My husband has watched it a few times and he really likes it.

Help someone! I've been Tivo-ing all episodes of 4th season of 24...and will watch them all at once when the season is just about over, BUT, inadvertently I killed the second 2-hour episode...anyone have an idea when they will start the repeats of 4th year season, so I can tape what i lost???

What's my favorite moment so far? Too many to list, but I think the last installment will hold that answer. Do you think there's a possible return of the Mother form the terror cell? We think she didn't really die since they didn't actually show her being killed. Those gunshots weren't enough to convince me she's done.

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