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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Lorie - I was wondering the same exact thing. Let's face it, the "rules" during the race are pretty loose with cabbies but I guess if they demand to be paid, they *must* be paid (remember Colin?). I also wonder if Uchenna was not allowed to tell the cabbie they'd be millionaires in about 30 seconds.

I need to dig into the Internet for this answer. Maybe they'll reveal on the CBS morning show this morning.

Hey Lorie -- re: the cab fare: if you look on the CBS website, there's an article about the interview the Agus gave The Early Show. Here's the relevant quote: "It was all about honor," said Uchenna. "That cab driver was going to get his money."

Like you, I was thrilled with the outcome and wish the Agus all the best for the future.

I loved the show and rooted for them as well. But now that it's over I can't help wondering how much of it was production. It seemed like every time we saw Uchenna and Joyce they were upbeat and cheerful, whereas with Ron & Kelly it was always the Bickersons. It's easy after the fact for the producers to seed into our minds that the winners deserve to win just by what they choose to show us.

There were several highly suspicious incidents. Although I didn't catch it in my review, I agree that Uchenna & Joyce making that plane was certainly great for maintaining the drama, as were Rob & Ambuh's brief police stop and U&J's flat tire.

Oh come on Lorie!!

I never rooted for Rob and Amber on any Survivor, but it would have been pretty cool if they had won. Purely from an entertainment perspective. Though, I wasn't sad that the two that won, did. They seemed a nice couple. My next choice would have been the old folks though. That would have been as good as Rob and Amber.

I have to thank Rob and Amber for getting me into Amazing Race. I never watched it before, but because I'm such a huge Survivor fan, I was sucked into it. Which is good, because Survivor was the only show I watched regularly. Now I have two!

PS, the post above (my post) is probably the lamest blog posting I've ever done. I apologize to all. ;)

I think Rob and Amber made the race a lot of fun, but I have watched every Amazing Race since season one and I've enjoyed all of them.

I am just thrilled that the show is now getting so much attention and good ratings.

I am happy that U & J won, I would like to see them use the $ to adopt some of the kids from the orphanage. J getting her head shaved was a great moment and I really admired her courage - what a woman!

Having said that, I think that CBS helped U & J get on that last flight to keep the race dramatic and that R & A should have won. Not a Survivor watcher so I thought the way the other teams treated R & A was wrong.

There were numerous moments during the race that I thought it would be appropriate to let someone know a team was in a race and no one said it, so seems like that might be a new rule. I've been a fan of AR since season two.

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