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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I am adding you to my list. I think POli's behaviour on this subject has been worse than unforgivable. YOu can be passionate on an issue without being a jerk.

I will read you with interest now and in the future, I will never again be visiting Polipundit.



You are still a class act....I was hanging around here to see what you thought of Idol?

We were wondering how you were doing. Glad you are doing all right.
Well, personally I feel the breakup was long overdue.

I respect the President and even though I dont necessarily agree on the immigration issue with him, I still respect him and think he has done a tremendous amount for our country, starting with 9/11 and all the rest.

I think Poli went overboard with his vitriol and I was waiting for the other 4 bloggers to start a new site. Hopefully this is the first step.


Please unlock the CAPS!!!!!!

Albert Hodges, re Idol; Elliot is gone, Taylor and the very lovely Catherine will be in the finals and............ hopefully Catherine wins, but Taylor might.

I've added your site to my list also Lorie.

I've added your site to my list also Lorie. Polipundit belongs on Kos.

Lorie: What a generous and kind statement on your part. While this must be difficult for you, I am sure you can see already that you will have the support of many loyal readers. Put this behind you and look forward to next weeks 24 thread...it should be great. Until then, I know I'll be returning daily.

It is for the best. Clearly Polipundit felt that he shouldn't have to defend his on reasoning (or in this case, outright vitriol) to guest bloggers. It is his blog, and he can do what he wants.

I found your posts to be reasonable and well considered. I can't say the same about many of your former host's comments, especially lately. One can disagree with the president without resorting to the Kossack-style invective Polipundit descended into. I understand he may be passionate about the subject of immigration, but passion does not excuse unethical behavior. His rude treatment of you and your co-guest bloggers was unethical on its face, and his passion, if anything, makes it even harder to countenance. To be fair to him, some of your co-blogger's comments were also unethical, and perhaps angered him. That doesn't excuse his treatment of you.

But I didn't come here to beat on Polipundit. I just wanted to say that I think you have behaved with class in a difficult situation. Unless Polipundit specifically requested you keep all the email discussions with you private, your quoting small and in-context portions of the emails were just as ethical as if you had summarized them, especially since they were provided as an explanation for your actions and not intended to shame or embarrass your host. For my money, his "editorial policy" post provided all the embarrassment he is likely to need for many months to come, courtesy of a painful fisking by people such as Ann Althouse (among others).

So, good luck to you. I have bookmarked your site for further reference. I hope to come back and enjoy your insightful commentary.

Lorie, rest assured I will not be posting here with "guess what is going on over at Polipundit" - with this one small exception.

He endorsed Democrat Nelson from Nebraska this morning (because of a "cover" vote for the red-state Dem in an election year) - this from the site that supposedly is CONSERVATIVE first.

When I tried to debate the lunacy of any conservative supporting someone who would vote Reid for majority leader, and who caucuses with Boxer, Kennedy, Leahy et al. - I was met with no significant rebuttal to my reasoning.

What I WAS hit with by a few posters was "I thought you guys were leaving here and not coming back"

Yes Lorie, sadly it IS over (over there) but not here. Over there will be a lonely, bitter echo chamber, and attract much hardcore annonymous anger in the comments.

I have NEVER come to your site until today. I have rarely had a day go by that I did NOT go to Polipundit (usually several times).

I doubt I am alone.

Like I said over at poli's site, this is DU.com stuff, if poli wants to censor his bloggers thats his business. But what I have read over there does not reflect well upon conservatives. It would be better to show loyalty through numbers than making asses of yourselves with childish remarks towards poli.

And if someone wants to know what DU is all about,I would recommend this site.
What is sad is that Poli has almost descended to the level of the fringe lunatics on the left.

I just checked Polipundit out to see if you guys really left...seeing only Polipundit posts I deleted the site from my bookmarks...I noticed some people were still trying to invoke some sanity...I admire them but it's over for me...too many good blogs around...I hope you will get together with the other bloggers and form the Exile Blog

Steve - Similar to you, Polipundit was my first or second stop every morning for the past several years. But starting tomorrow, it never will be again.

In the meantime, I think hard-right conservative bloggers and pundits have made a huge mistake in overestimating their influence here, and they don't like it. They got a taste of power and influnce during the 2004 election, then flexed their muscle over Harriet Miers. But they grossly overstepped their bounds with the ports deal, screwing Bush in a way that they really did not understand. Bush cultivated an important and key ally, but bloggers and pundits believed that THEY knew better, and stampted their feet and said "NO!"

Last night, Bush decided to ignore the "Pay attention to ME!!!" hissy fit thrown by the self-anointed keepers of the base and put forth a practical, sensible plan to deal with the prickly and contentious issue of illegal immigration.

Conservative bloggers screwed Bush twice, after ALL that he has done for them and the country, and I think he's quietly had enough. Besides, he's got too much to worry about and deal with-- like Iran, for instance--than to kowtow to the demands of pissant myopic Poli-Kossers who demand that he dance to their tune OR ELSE!!

I stand with the President. And it looks like 7 out of 10 Republicans do on this matter too, if the CNN and Zogby (ugh) polls are to be believed.

Like I said on the old, as-yet unhinged Poli site, conservatives don;t have th majority, Republicans do. And it is conservatives who will cost the GOP the majority this fall by forgetting the simple fact that politics often involves compromise and incrementalism. When you get greedy, you oftn wind up losing everything.

(I'll shut up now.)

Big Mo ~ I agree completely that center-right bloggers believe they have more power than they do, as a result of their several "successes" - Rathergate and the Swift Boaters were effective, while Dubai was absolutely wrongheaded, and with Miers we can never know. Plus they were making money off what they started as a hobby, being asked on cable and radio news shows . . . Remember Wolfe's protagonist, McCoy, in Bonfire of the Vanities? "Master of the Universe" . . . but that's not what happened to Poli.

I do see his escalation in fervor over the last few weeks and months as potentially troubling.

The sudden purge - even putting those like Lorie and D.J. who agreed in general with Poli's POV, and Jayson, who never really weighed in on the subject other than posting some examples of Bush sucesses at enforcement, in a position where they almost had to leave to maintain their integrity - reeks of paranoia, especially the rancor over having terms quoted. Hey, you can't fire people and then expect them to keep it a secret for a few days.

Lorie's graciousness in acknowledging her past at PP and his help in getting her started shows her class. If Poli had spoken as respectfully about the President, the whole spiraling series of posts and events might have been avoided.


I just wanted to drop a line and say that while your final post on Poli's site was one of the most noble I've seen in a while, it was also one of the saddest. I wish you luck and I have replaced poli's site with yours and the others in my bookmarks.

Big Mo - I think you hit it right on the head with your comments about Miers/Dubai. People wanted another (hollow) "victory." It's pure selfishness. How often do you see blogs actually advocating FOR something? Rarely. Some of the blogs have become that which they hate.

Lorie, I've said it before and I'll say it again--you're a rare and persuasive voice of reason among the "new media." Your graciousness in this crazy situation is admirable; most people would probably not be as forgiving so soon. Anyway, just know you've got a huge number of people in your cheering section.


I think you were wrong to publicly post Polipundit's email contents. I'm glad you sort of apologized because although I think Poli went off the nut and was ridiculous in his behaviour, that was a sticking point for me.

I'll be a loyal reader of yours, as always. I appreciate your perspective!


I think that it was o.k. for you to post the two snippets from Poli's email.

I think that you needed to do that in order to put everything into context. If you didn't put it into context, then Poli would be able to say whatever he wanted about the issue.

I think Poli is upset about it because it, understandably, makes him look like a dictator.

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